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Gempad x PEPEMO Staking starts!

Started by pepemo, Aug 08, 2023, 08:02 PM

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Staking opportunities are now available for all team volunteers and other whale contributors to participate in the PepeMo Project's development.

Whale staking
50% APY ratio
30T Hardcap
15T reward pool
5T Minimum stake
365 days duration
Cannot be unstake for 365 days
Claim rewards in a year

Long-term holders
Whale & Volunteers can stake here:

Community staking
25% APY ratio
40T hard cap
5T rewards
5B minimum stake
138 days duration
Cannot be unstake for 23 days
Claim rewards anytime

Short-term holders
Community participants can stake here:



The Kmp

Thats awesome nwes, Is the staking still going on


This is awesome. It is going to help the price stability of pepemo and attract more investors here