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$PEPEMO joined the BNBChain Hackathon 2024!

Started by pepemo, Feb 06, 2024, 11:35 PM

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🚀 $PEPEMO participated the #BNBChainHackathon2024! 🐸💰

$10,000 Potential Award distributed among all qualifying submissions!

Here is our qualified checklist:
✅ Deployed on BNB Smart Chain (BSC):
✅ Open source for universal access:
✅ Share GitHub, deck, and a short video:
✅ Contracts with 2+ transactions during the hackathon:
✅ I think we're still new in the #BNBChain building since 8 months ago with the most lowest marketcap of 8k!
✅ #BuildonBNBChain #BNB #pepemo #1000xgem