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Started by pepemo, Feb 08, 2024, 01:34 PM

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1. Select a Recent Post from a Legitimate Influencer Account:
Choose a post that is less than 50 minutes old from a reputable account with genuine engagement. Avoid accounts with fake followers or low views.

2. Create a Relevant Response:
Ensure your reply directly relates to the post. Avoid using identical replies to prevent shadow-banning and prioritize quality over quantity.

3. Include Key Details:
Incorporate essential information such as (1) #PEPEMO, (2) $PEPEMO on $SOL, (3) @PepemoVip to boost visibility and association with the targeted cryptocurrency.

4. Be Concise:
Keep your response brief to maximize impact. Short, direct replies are more likely to be read and engaged with by users scrolling through their feeds.

5. Enhance with a Relevant Meme:
Increase visibility and appeal by adding a relevant meme that complements your message and grabs attention.

Please share the link to your reply. Focusing our raid efforts on one reply ensures maximum exposure and effectiveness compared to spreading engagement thinly across multiple posts.

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