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Mass Web3 Crypto Adoption with a meme web3social

Started by satoshi, Sep 06, 2023, 07:04 AM

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An estimated 6-8% of Filipinos have familiarity with cryptocurrency, and I view a web3 social platform as a potential catalyst for faster adoption. To attain global acceptance of web3 and cryptocurrency, I propose initiating a meme-driven approach that operates outside the confines of strict SEC regulations, emphasizing innovation that benefits all of humanity, as long as the core focus remains on fostering creative ideas for constructive progress rather than speculative and greed pursuits.


Web3 social is really trending,  and in my own opinion, Pepemo social has really kicked off great. Shortly after launch has already attracted thousands of users and is set to launch its native social token.

Pepemo social future is quite promising, as the platform is already building a strong presence in the web3 space and the team is steadily rolling out bew features.