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Staying Healthy In The Call Center Industry

Started by Shobhikhan_007, Jul 23, 2023, 05:16 PM

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With the rapidly increasing call center industry, more
and more people are engaged in countless hours of
grueling training and practicing on how to handle
calls, file reports, schedule personnel and inventory
checks, and more. With globalization, the different
call centers required shifts even during the graveyard
timeframe, which means that call center agents would
have to endure the normal sleeping hours working just
to be accommodate transaction calls from halfway
around the world. Staying healthy in the call center
industry is simple and defined into three simple key
words: coffee, cigarette, and alcohol. Coffee

With the long continuous hours in which the agent
endures sitting idly talking to a headset, it would
definitely cause the body to slow down and lessen the
person's capability to circulate the blood within.
This causes a reflex action of yawning, which
signifies a greater need of oxygen in the respiratory
- cardiovascular area. It would also manifest a sense
of sleepiness.

As a result of this common phenomenon, coffee has been
one of the mainstays of the call center agents, and
personnel's alike to combat sleepiness and degradation
of competent performance. Even if the direct effect of
coffee to the body is to keep us awake, there are
detrimental effects of too much coffee such as
possible kidney complications and dehydration.

Lessening the amount of coffee per day would also
lessen the amount of urged moments for the agent to go
to the bathroom. Furthermore, lessening of bone
density has been found on chronic coffee drinkers.


Another avenue for stress release of agents in the
call center industry is by lighting up a cigarette or
two during break time or lunch hour. Many of these
agents claim that the habit of lighting up of a
cigarette during free time not only increases their
social sphere but also lessen their anxiety and work
related stressors.

However, we all know the negative effects of
cigarettes to the lungs and body of a smoker. For one,
the smoke coming from the cigarettes passes through
our respiratory system. This smoke is a combination of
impure particles which we allow to reach our lungs and
attach to our bronchioles. A gradual and significant
blocking of the smoke in the linings of the
bronchioles would lessen the amount of oxygen
exchanged between, which causes us to have difficulty
in breathing.


After work shift hours, one of the usual stress
release methods of agents is to go to the local
hangout place and have a round or two of alcoholic
drinks. This happens especially when salaries have
been doled out. However, when alcohol is excessively
ingested, could damage the liver. The liver is man's
natural fat and alcohol synthesizer. An excessive
alcohol load on the liver to synthesize in frequency
may cause the liver to malfunction or lead to alcohol
induced cirrhosis.

These three things are the main culprits in lessening
the health status of call center agents. Staying
healthy in this concept would entail being able to say
no or lessen these three culprits. Staying in the call
center industry is technically a tedious and health
taxing job to undergo, especially due to the high
demand of work. Nevertheless, substitutes for these
may come on the form of healthy fruit juice, or any
other healthy food. It is a matter of initiative and
choice for one to stay healthy when faced with a